Two Speed Single-Phase Motors

Two-Winding Variable Torque, PSC Type for shaft mounted applications

These fan and blower duty motors are designed for dependable, energy saving performance in applications where the fan is mounted on the shaft of the motor. These PSC type motors do not require a centrifugal switch, resulting in higher reliability and because of their low amp design, they are energy efficient. 56 frame motors are painted with an epoxy paint and the 48 frame models have a baked-on powder coat for extra corrosion resistance in tough applications. All motors have extended thru-bolts for mounting to the fan cage and because they are TEAO designed motors, they must be mounted in the air stream of the driven fan. Two-speed operation can be achieved by using the proper auxiliary switch.

Two-Speed, Two-Winding, Variable Torque for Belt Driven or Shaft Mounted Fan Applications

These motors are suited for belted or fan on shaft applications. They may be mounted within or outside the driven fan’s air stream. Resilient mounted for quiet operation, and lubricated with high temperature Exxon POLYREX® EM bearing grease. ¾ HP and larger motors are capacitor start motors; smaller motors are split phase start.