Automotive Duty - U-Frame Motors

Lincoln Takes "Automotive Duty" to a New Level

Ultimate E® cast iron U-Frame motors provide premium energy-efficiency and outstanding performance. Our "P" efficiency code models comply with the efficiency requirements of the United States and Canada for general purpose T-Frame industrial motors. All models deliver new levels of versatility and reliability.

More Overload Capability

With a design specification exceeding 1.15 Service Factor at 40°C ambient on sine-wave power, Ultimate E U-Frame motors provide peace of mind in uncertain situations. Peak loads, worst-case scenarios, whatever comes their way, these motors deliver the overload assurance to let you rest easy. Motors are also nameplated for 1.00 Service Factor, 65°C ambient.

Cool Running Motors Mean Exceptional Life

Heat kills motors. A cool-running motor lasts longer because its insulation lasts longer. Most Ultimate E U-Frame motors have an operating temperature way below the capacity of their premium Class F Plus insulation system. In other words, these motors stay within a 25°C to 65°C temperature rise at rated horsepower even though the insulation system can withstand 115°C. The result? Because every 10°C drop in operating temperature doubles the expected life of the insulation system, these motors will still be running long after the others have quit.

Vary the Speed, Keep the Motor; Reap the Benefits

Lincoln Ultimate E U-Frame motors are Inverter-Rated for use with any brand drive, at any drive-to-motor distance and at any carrier frequency. Filters and other power conditioning devices are never required.

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