Crusher Duty Motors

The Motor of Choice for Severe Belted-Load Applications


Motors are designed for belted (radial load) applications only, due to the Roller bearing construction. Applications would include: Rock Crushers, Pulverizers, and Conveyors. Lincoln Crusher Duty motors are also standouts for Bandmills, Chippers, Balers and Compactors. Torque to Spare Lincoln Crusher Duty motors have the “get up and go” capability of a Design C motor and the excellent overload capability of Design B...truly the best of both worlds when it comes to torque. Lincoln gives you two premium-efficiency options: select an Ultimate E1 motor to meet the efficiency requirements of the United States (EPAct) and Canada (NRCAN); or choose an Ultimate E2 motor to maximize your energy savings. Either way, you’ll enjoy lower operating costs.