Lincoln Elevator Motors

VVVF Elevator Hoist Motors


Designed for Geared or Gearless Traction Elevators, 100 fpm to 500 fpm operation and up to 12 or 15 floors

Features and Ratings: Increased Motor Life Our Enhanced Class F Insulation System handles the wave front voltages and dvdt levels that are major factors affecting elevator motor insulation life. Phase insulation, slot liners and wedges are high dielectric strength materials. A two component, 100% reactive, solvent-less polyester resin Class H varnish is used to impregnate the motor stators. This varnish provides superior protection and strength as well as being in compliance with industrial environmental regulations. Lincoln’s insulation system exceeds the requirements for inverter-fed motors per NEMA MG1, Part 31. Superior Construction Our rigid, low noise, low vibration construction features include rugged steel frame construction with cast iron end brackets and heavy cast steel, full-length feet with gussets, welded to each side of the frame. Our hoist motors are provided with elevator shaft end play and oversized ball bearings with two pre-loading bearing washers to insure quiet bearing operation and centering of the rotor. A standard one-inch diameter stub shaft for encoder mounting is machined as an integral part of the carbon steel shaft (not a press in or bolt on piece that may require alignment).

Hydraulic Elevator Pump Motors

Applications: Used in Hydraulic pump passenger, service, freight, and dumbwaiter low-rise elevators. Typically hydraulic elevators travel up to 6 floors at speeds up to 200 fpm. Dual Rating Nameplates:

Submersible Hydraulic Elevator Pump Motors


These motors are designed to meet the demands in the Hydraulic Elevator Pump Industry. Our submersible Hydraulic pump elevator motors are ready to be placed in elevator systems for applications in pump passenger, service, freight and low-rise elevators. Rated up to 6 floors at speeds up to 200 fpm.