Fan and Blower Motors

Resilient Base, Two Speed Motors

General Specifications:

Industrial quality, resilient mounted, ball bearing motors for fan and blower service. Moderate starting torque electrical design to reduce stress on the fan blades during start-up. Suitable for belt-driven fans or fan-on-shaft applications. Self-ventilated design, may be mounted outside of the fan’s airflow.

Condenser Fan Motors: For Shaft Mounted Fan Applications

General Specifications:

Vertical shaft up design - Belly Band Mount and Rigid Base Enclosed endbell – shaft end prevents water contamination Double sealed ball bearings using Exxon POLYREX® EM grease 1.15 Service Factor Phosphatized shaft for corrosion resistance Automatic overload protected

Aeration Fan Motors

General Specifications:

These totally enclosed air over motors are dust tight and suitable for shaft-mounted fans. Motors are designed to be used in the airflow of the driven fan. They are protected from the environments, having gasketed openings and finished with corrosion resistant epoxy paint. High temperature ball bearings are lubricated with Exxon POLYREX® EM grease.