Washdown Duty Motors

Our Product offerings of our Three-phase Washdown Duty Motors includes our original moisture-shedding “Duck” motor, our Premium stainless and SST stainless line, a line of Paint free “Washguard II” motors as well as our Extreme Duck, encapsulated motors.

Washguard White Epoxy Features include: Premium Stainless Features Include: SST Stainless Features Include:

Encapsulated “Extreme Duck” Stainless Steel Motors, Features Include:

Mechanical Protection Features: Electrical Performance and Protection Features: Standards and Approvals:

Lincoln – ODP Multiguard® Encapsulated Motor

Multiguard motors utilize an ODP enclosure with a winding protection system that is unique to the motor industry. The windings are impregnated and encapsulated in a thermosetting, specially formulated polyester based resin using a high pressure injection-molding process. Designed to be used in applications involving moisture, vibration, dust and some chemical action.

Features include:

Lincoln – Wash-Thru™ Encapsulated Motors

These motors are an exceptional choice for demanding applications such as poultry, seafood, meat and other processing plants. Other applications include areas where a high degree of dust, moisture and vibration exist.

Features include: