AC Inverters – Accessories

Remote Keypads

Used to control the Inverters from a remote location. From these remote keypads you can change the parameter settings as well as change the motor’s speeds and rotation.

Micro Series ½ HP through 60 HP
Sub-Micro Series ¼ HP through 25 HP

Dynamic Braking Kits

Dynamic braking is used or needed when you need to stop the motor faster than a coast-to-stop method. It is also needed when you have an overhauling load that may over-speed the motor’s shaft, which would generate voltage back to the motor causing the inverter to Fault if a dynamic brake kit is not used.

Electronic Programming Unit

Electronic Programming Unit allows off-line set-up and replication of the Sub-Micro series EPM (Electronic Programming module). Excellent for multi-drive applications. Keypad input and alphanumeric display simplify programming. RS-232 serial port allows downloading of configuration files from personal computer. EPM Bulk Pack “Chips” kits are also available. pvt

Din Rail Mounting Kits

Kits include steel plates and hardware that is needed to mount the Sub-Micro Series inverters in a panel building.