AC Motors – Adjustable Motor and Transition Bases

Specifications: Adjustable Motor Bases

These Heavy-duty gauge steel mounting bases simplify the installation of motors and make the tensioning, maintenance and replacement of belts a simple efficient task. Fabricated from sheet or steel plate, then primed and finished in a gray rust and corrosion resistant oven-baked finish. Gussets and reinforcing channels on larger units and continuous seam welding on all units give these bases strength and durability for a long life. Motor mounting bolts are included.

Specifications: Transition Bases

Transition bases compensate for the difference in mounting dimensions and shaft height of a rigid base NEMA T Frame to the next higher NEMA U Frame. This makes it possible, for example, to replace a 10 HP NEMA 254 U Frame motor with a 10 HP NEMA 215T Frame motor without modifying the basic installation. They are designed for horizontal mounting – shimming may be needed for direct-coupled loads.